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Supporting Our Community After Hurricane Fiona

Supporting Our Community After Hurricane Fiona

We're ok, but our neighbours are in need.

We want to thank our incredible Canadian family from coast to coast to coast who kept checking on us over the past few days after Hurricane Fiona hit our Atlantic region very hard.

Our team members and family are safe and doing well but many community members where impacted by this disastrous event.

We know that the best support after a natural disaster like the one caused by Hurricane Fiona is to raise money - it's the fastest and most direct way to help those in need.

So, to help raise money we are donating all proceeds from the sales of Atlantic Canada Bars to the Red Cross Fiona Relief fund.

Please note, we have limited quantities of each bar available and will sell these until they are all gone. With the storm, supply chain issues and the holiday season around the corner we can only produce so many bars.

To maximize your support - we've set up a donation portal with the Canadian Red Cross. Donate directly through the portal or buy Atlantic Canada bars - all proceeds will go to this fund.

Thanks to a match by the Government of Canada, you can double your impact. The Government of Canada will match donations made to the Hurricane Fiona in Canada Appeal.

Money raised will enable the Red Cross to carry out relief, recovery, resiliency and risk reduction activities in and beyond our region at the individual and community levels.

Image courtesy of the Town of Antigonish Facebook page.

Purchase the Atlantic Canada bars.

Donate to the Red Cross Fiona relief fund.