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Dear American Peace Lovers: Due to the summer heat and the nature of our products, we have suspended shipping to the United States until September.

Peace by Chocolate x Trans Canada Trail: One Trail, One Love

Peace by Chocolate et Sentier Transcanadien: Plein air, plein de saveurs

Our Newest Peace Bars

with story inside!

Our Classic Mood Booster Box

Our Story Is Now In Theatres

Official Trailer

For nearly 30 years we created and shipped our specialty treats all over the Middle East and Europe.

Like much of our homeland, in late 2012 the original Hadhad family chocolate factory in Damascus, Syria was destroyed in a bombing that forced our family to leave everything behind and flee to Lebanon.

For three years we found ourselves as refugees with little opportunity or hope. Our lives had been forever altered and we dreamed of being able to once again live lives we could love. When our family was invited to Canada, our dreams came true. With the support of our new community of Antigonish and the people of Nova Scotia, we have rebuilt our chocolate company and are once again doing the work we love. 




Weddings, corporate events, or your next big family gathering. We'll help you sweeten the experience for your guests.

Hand-made artisan chocolates

Hand-made artisan chocolates

We are so excited to tell you that our line of hand-made artisan chocolates is available in our Halifax store!
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Peace By Chocolate - Where you can watch our movie

Peace By Chocolate - Where you can watch our movie

You can now watch our movie Peace By Chocolate at the comfort of your home!
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Tareq's Big Surprise!

Tareq's Big Surprise!

Someone put a ring on it over the weekend 💍
Congratulations to our CEO Tareq Hadhad and Mila Zidan 🤍
Here’s to a lifetime of love, happiness and loads of chocolate to both of you 🍫😉
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