For the Love of Dad : A Father's Day Gift Guide – Peace by Chocolate
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For the Love of Dad : A Father's Day Gift Guide

For the Love of Dad : A Father's Day Gift Guide

With Father's Day just around the corner, it's time to put on our thinking caps and brainstorm the perfect way to celebrate the main man in our lives — our Dad.

So skip the ties and tools, and go straight for the heart (and taste buds) with a gift that truly speaks volumes - chocolates!

Whether Dad's a fan of classic milk chocolate, bold dark chocolate, or something a little fancier like our hand-crafted Artisan chocolates, Peace By Chocolate has just what you need to make his day unforgettable.

This Father's Day, let's raise a chocolatey toast to the man who means the world to us. Happy Father's Day, Dad!

Browse our Father's Day best sellers and add a little extra love to your cart today!

92g I Love You Dad Dark with Strawberry Cream Bar

Happiness will be seeing your Dad smile when he bites into his decadent  "I love you D💗d" Dark Chocolate bar. 


The Hero Bar Milk

Our Milk Chocolate Hero Bar is Pure decadent milk chocolate and is purely delicious!


92g Thank You Milk Bar

Our delicious Thank You bar. Made of creamy milk chocolate and crunchy hazelnut pieces, it's a perfect way to add a little peace to your day! 

There are a lot of people to be thankful for every day, and one of them is Dad!

Artisan 15 Peace Box


Love is hand made and so are these mouth watering artisanal treats!

Our Artisanal Collection is bursting with flavours like mango, caramel, blueberry and honey or subtle hints of spicy chai - we hope these handmade treats bring smiles and peaceful conversations.

The Artisanal Collection 15 Peace Box includes a 15-piece assortment of the following handmade treats from our hometown of Antigonish, Nova Scotia!

- Creamy milk chocolate and caramel squares with the Peace by Chocolate icons
- Decadent dark chocolate squares hand filled with delicious raspberries
Caramel filled milk chocolate truffles
- Natural honey, peanut butter and milk chocolate truffles
- Hand sprayed pyramids of dark chocolate with mint fondant
Mango bursting white chocolate domes 
Chai spice & caramel dark chocolate truffles
- Hearts of blueberry white chocolate
Delicious new flavours and a brand new look, and as always, messages of Peace in many languages! The New Peace Bars are our latest and greatest creations and we are happy to share them with you!
Available in pure Milk Chocolate, our classic Milk Chocolate with Hazelnut, Dark Chocolate with Almonds and Seasalt, and Gold Chocolate with Seassalt and Crisped Rice pieces!
These are sure to satisfy any sweet tooth!

A box of our best-selling and favourite products, designed specifically to boost your mood! It includes our best sellers mix, (up to 11 items).
For more options please visit our website Order now and make this Father's Day one he'll never forget!