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Supporting Peace through Refugee Women's Education

Supporting Peace through Refugee Women's Education

Imagine being a young woman who is not allowed to pursue her education past age eleven. The impact that would make on every aspect of life is almost incalculable. 

This is the reality for many women living under Taliban rule in Afghanistan – and just one of the reasons many young women come to countries like Canada where access to education is much more available. 

We believe that education is more than a right; it is a necessity – and a cornerstone of peace-building efforts because knowledge leads to solutions. That is why, starting on International Women’s Day (March 8th), we will be partnering with the Canadian organization For the Refugees to support the empowerment of Afghan women in Canada through education. 

For one week, proceeds from sales of our Peace bars will go to Education in Canada via For the Refugees, and specifically for the education of Afghan women who were denied learning opportunities in their homeland. Your purchase will go a long way toward helping to right a critical issue of inequality and supporting the power of peace through shared knowledge. 

Though the Afghan women are already accomplished in their respective fields – law, medicine, engineering and journalism – this is the opportunity for them to go even further in developing their skills and knowledge. Then applying those skills and knowledge here in Canada, helping to meet the growing needs in critical areas. 

If you were thinking about making a Peace bar purchase, we encourage you to do so the week of March 8th. It will be a bigger gift that you may ever know. 

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