The Ultimate Guide to our favourite Easter Chocolate – Peace by Chocolate
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The Ultimate Guide to our favourite Easter Chocolate

The Ultimate Guide to our favourite Easter Chocolate

Celebrate the season with a symphony of flavors in every bite of our Easter chocolates! From bunnies to eggs, our Easter treats will surely make the holiday extra special!

So gather your family around, share some chocolates, and create lasting peaceful memories together this holiday season. 

Here are the list of our delightful Easter products you shouldn't miss!

NEW! The Hollow Bunny 3-Pack

That’s right, we’ve upped our bunny game - meet the Hollow Bunny Three Pack!

Hollow Dark, Milk and White Bunnies offer a thin chocolate that makes each bunny easy to break apart and share - adding a touch of peace to your Easter celebrations (no fighting over the last bite!)

These hollow little bunnies are available for the first time in 2023, while supplies last.

Hollow Egg with Chickadees Inside

 Crack open an egg of our thin and decadent dark chocolate, letting it slowly melt, delighting your taste buds and your imagination as rich white chocolate chickadees emerge from inside.

A one-of-a-kind Easter treat from the Peace By Chocolate Family.

Assorted Milk, Dark & Gold Easter Chocolates - 15 Peace Box

Bursting with flavours, our 15-piece assorted chocolates come in a variety of mouthwatering tastes for all to enjoy! Fresh strawberry, orange, caramel and hazelnut celebrate the spring ahead - full of possibilities and peace.

  • Dark Chocolate with delicious strawberry filling
  • Gold Chocolate with caramel filling
  • Dark chocolate with cherries
  • Milk Chocolate with hazelnut filling
  • Dark Chocolate shell with orange flavour

Come Together - 8 Easter Egg Halves

This unique chocolate set lets kids play and come together by mixing egg halves! They can mix and match White and Dark, Dark and Milk or Milk and White Easter Egg combinations.
Let the kids come together while they’re having fun putting their eggs together too.
Perfect for an Easter basket near you!

Featuring our classic milk and white chocolate, each box contains 12 assorted chocolate squares featuring adorable animals and Easter-themed imagery, perfect for gifting.

Easy Easter basket hack

Looking for the quickest (and tastiest) way to build multiple Easter baskets? Try the Biggest Bunny Box. Bunnies and eggs and hot chocolate oh my! This box has it all. Enjoy all the best of our Easter collection with added treats like chocolate covered pretzels, cookies and our newly released Dark and White hot chocolate.

And, if you don’t need to build multiple baskets, we also have a Bigger, Big and Baby Bunny boxes available.