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In 2012 our family lost everything to war in our homeland of Syria and life as we knew it had come to an end. At a time when we had no where else to go, Canada welcomed us with open arms. With the help of our new community in Nova Scotia, we were able to rebuild our lives and business, and are now proud contributing members of that vibrant, supportive, and peaceful community.

This nation was built by a broad range of people from a number of different nationalities and continues to thrive not in spite of, but 𝘣𝘦𝘤𝘢𝘶𝘴𝘦 𝘰𝘧 our differences. Canada is a cultural mosaic in which all our diverse backgrounds come together to create a bigger, more beautiful picture of what Canada truly is and the values it represents.

The Welcome Bar is an initiative designed to promote the values that so define Canada on a global stage, all while raising funds for The Refugee Hub. Housed at the University of Ottawa, The Refugee Hub works to increase protection and rights for refugees by engaging in research, programming, and partnerships with other refugee sponsorship groups and organizations on a community, national, and international level. Proceeds from The Welcome Bar will help them to continue their important work that has had such a big impact directly on our family and countless others across the country. We have experienced first hand how deeply and sincerely Canada welcomes newcomers, immigrants, refugees, international students, workers, and travellers, and this initiative will aid The Refugee Hub in extending that welcome to other families experiencing life's most difficult challenges.

The Welcome Bar is made up of crunchy vanilla cookie crumbles enveloped by smooth & creamy milk chocolate. Much like Canada welcoming people from different walks of life from all over the world, this bar is a fine example of how things that may appear completely opposite upon first glance can actually come together to create something truly special.

Welcome to Canada. We are so glad to have you.