A Movie Based On Our Story! – Peace by Chocolate
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A Movie Based On Our Story!

A Movie Based On Our Story!


We are so honoured to announce that production is underway on a feature film telling the story of our family and chocolate company. This is the biggest event we have experienced since arriving in Canada and we are so proud to finally share this news.

Co-written and being directed by Jonathan Keijser, born and raised in our home province of Nova Scotia, this project has many award-winning filmmakers contributing their skills to help tell our story to the world.


*Photos by: Peace by Chocolate - The Film 

Filming began in Canada in early January 2020, and our family travelled to visit the set and shoot a cameo scene for the movie. It was such a cool experience! Actors include Hatem Ali in the role of Isam Hadhad, Ayham Ammar as Tareq Hadhad, Yara Sabri as Shahnaz Naisa, and Najlaa Al Khamri as Alaa Hudhud, and Mark Camacho as Frank Gallant. The release is planned for the fall of 2020. The production company will issue an official press release with more information in the next month or so, but until that time you can learn more about the incredible team of people working on this project on the film’s IMDB page at https://www.imdb.com/title/tt11236228/

At a time when so many of the stories we see can leave us feeling quite hopeless, our goal is for our story to inspire and spread peace. We can't wait to share it with you all!


Check the article at The Chronicle Herald