Open For Online Orders: Free Shipping On Everything Over 50$- The Mind

Open For Online Orders: Free Shipping On Everything Over 50$- The Mind Booster Box during COVID-19

Our website is operational and we are shipping online across Canada and the US.
To all valued Peace by Chocolate clients,
In these uncertain and trying times we are facing in Canada and around the world, we recognize that now, more than ever, peace and comfort are a couple of things we can all use a little more of.
While we at Peace by Chocolate can't do much to address any of the large problems we are about to encounter as a society, we aim to help those at home add a bit of sweetness and normalcy to days of self-isolation and quarantine. While our products are still available at independent shops and grocery stores across Canada, with an official recommendation for us all to avoid crowds and going out in public as much as possible, purchasing treats at a grocery store is not an option for many. And now with Easter, the year's biggest chocolate-centred holiday, swiftly approaching, lots of people want chocolate more than ever! To help get treats in hand while our clients stay safe at home, the free shipping threshold on our web store will be lowered to $50 per order until further notice and we will continue to ship out purchases as long as it remains safe for us to do so throughout our website
                                            The Mood Booster Box 
Take care of one another, folks. Stay safe, listen to the official recommendations of our leaders, and let's do our best to get through this time together.

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