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Peace By Chocolate Marks 2018 International Day Of Peace with Natakallam Partnership

NaTakallam matches Syrian and Iraqi Refugees with conversation partners around the globe

Peace By Chocolate is thrilled to honour the 2018 United Nations International Day of Peace by announcing a new partnership with the social enterprise NaTakallam!

NaTakallam was created in 2015 as a way for refugees to earn money while helping people from around the world practice their conversations in Arabic or better learn the language generally. The online platform now matches "students" with conversation partners in over 60 countries around the world.


Making a purchase of Peace by Chocolate products online will generate a discount code for 10% your next conversation session with NaTakallam. Making a purchase of one hundred dollars or more will generate a code for 15% off!


"Refugee's do not have the typical paperwork and permits required to earn a living in their host country. This makes it all but impossible to get on your feet and contributes to a challenging and often frustrating cycle," explains Peace By Chocolate founder Tareq Hadhad.

Really, when we first heard about NaTakallam I knew instantly that we needed to support their efforts. They are attempting to solve a major problem and I truly hope this partnership will expose our growing community to their great work and start thousands of new conversations. We believe that peace is best found in hearing and understanding one another - NaTakallam is such a great tool for this coming together of different worlds, I love it!"


NaTakallam co-founder, Reza, rockin' it during the Techfugees summit in Paris, 2017

NaTakallam co-founder, Reza, rockin' it during the Techfugees summit in Paris, 2017



NaTakallam works mostly with Syrian and Iraqi refugees in over a dozen countries in the Middle East & North Africa region. They coordinate with NGOs on the ground for payments, training and recruitment. Most NaTakallam conversation partners are at the beginning of their refugee journey, striving to make it to places like Australia, Europe and North America where less than 0.5 percent of the total refugee population actually gets resettled.

NaTakallam was born in Beirut and aims to provide close to Lebanon’s minimum wage in monthly payments to conversation partners. To learn more and book your first conversation - visit


NaTakallam : We Speak