Earthquake in Syria and Turkey Relief – Peace by Chocolate
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Over $250,000 raised during this campaign

Together we saved and are saving lives

Thank you for your generous support for our partnership with the Red Cross earthquake relief efforts in Syria and Türkiye. 

Donate Through Red Cross

This tragedy has taken so many lives and will painfully reshape millions more. Urgent financial help is needed today to keep survivors alive and continue the search.

Ways to Help

Contact your Member of Parliament

Make sure to keep using your voice in support of the Syria - Türkiye Earthquakes survivors and their families.

Tweet, email or direct message media personalities

In the face of tragedy, it is easy to feel overwhelmed and helpless. But we must not give up hope. Use your power to support the survivors.

Donate Directly

Visit the Peace by Chocolate & Red Cross Syria - Türkiye Earthquake Relief Fund portal to make your unique donation.