We are opening a shop in Halifax on March 5th! – Peace by Chocolate
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We are opening a shop in Halifax on March 5th!

We are opening a shop in Halifax on March 5th!


Peace by Chocolate Open Boutique at Queen’s Marque in Halifax on March 5, 2021

Address :

Queen's Marque 

1741 Lower Water Street

Halifax, NS suite 166




Halifax, Nova Scotia - February 2021 - Chocolate makes happiness! Peace by Chocolate started as the result of people and passions coming together to advocate for a cause. The company is expanding that passion to open its first of its kind chocolate boutique at The Queen's Marque in the heart of Halifax’s waterfront. 


“This province welcomed our family with open arms in 2016, and we are honoured to continue our mission. Antigonish will remain home to the factory of Peace by Chocolate and our first chocolate shop.” explains Tareq Hadhad, Founder and CEO of Peace by Chocolate. “At the beginning of this pandemic, when everybody was thinking, ‘this is the end of the world,’ we were thinking, ‘this is the start of a new phase’. The pandemic has had negative impacts on so many businesses but we learned new techniques during this crisis about creating our best mindset to face it. It’s time to turn these challenging times into ways to grow.”


The new chocolate boutique is set to open its doors at Queen’s Marque in Halifax to continue the family’s journey of spreading the message of peace. The store reflects the Syrian heritage of the Hadhad family. In addition to their traditional products, Peace by Chocolate has created a new line of artisan chocolate, handmade in Antigonish. The chocolate boutique adds 40 new chocolate flavours, decadent hot chocolate, coffee and handmade fine pastry. The shop is currently developing products and partnerships with local businesses across Nova Scotia.


“Queen’s Marque is the story of a modern Nova Scotia and what is possible here, and there is no better representation of that story than Peace by Chocolate,” says Scott Armour McCrea, CEO of The Armour Group. “We are delighted to welcome Tareq Hadhad and Peace by Chocolate as one of the first retail tenants to open at Queen’s Marque.” 


“We will always be thankful for the incredible community support of Nova Scotians, after all, ‘one Peace won’t hurt’.'' explains Hadhad. 




Media Contact:


Stephanie Purcell



About Peace by Chocolate 


Peace By Chocolate was founded in 2016, in Antigonish, Nova Scotia and ships chocolate around the world. The company passionately combines a blend of Syrian fillings and ingredients, including nuts, fruit, and spices. Inside each Peace By Chocolate product is uncompromising quality, with each chocolate a little work of art in and of itself, exuding sophistication, style and excellence. Peacebychocolate.ca 


The Peace by Chocolate Boutique 

The store opens officially The store will offer multiple job opportunities between management, sales associates and peace makers.


Store hours: 

9 am - 6 pm November - April

9 am - 9 pm May - October

* Holidays hours in affect

The store is located at The Queen's Marque 1741 Lower Water street Suite 166, Halifax, NS



About Queen’s Marque

Queen’s Marque, conceived, developed and operated by The Armour Group Limited, is a new urban district on the historic waterfront, in the heart of downtown Halifax. Queen’s Marque is a place to live, work, play and stay – to connect with each other and with Nova Scotia in a setting so Born of this Place that it simply couldn’t exist anywhere else. This new neighbourhood features over 100 luxury leased residences, office space, curated food and beverage, retail space, 75,000 square feet of public space, a significant public art collection and Muir, a refined and distinctly Nova Scotian hotel experience (opening Spring 2021).

To learn more about Queen’s Marque, please visit queensmarque.com.