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Peace for Ukraine

Peace for Ukraine

Our family knows firsthand how it is to live through war and we will do everything we can to help those who are forced to experience it. It is something indescribable that we would not wish upon anyone, so every day we do our best to promote peace here in Canada and throughout the world.
Effective immediately, all proceeds from our Peace Bars and the Peace Maker collection will be donated to the Ukraine Humanitarian Crisis Appeal established by the Canadian Red Cross, through this page
As a company we have always said we are not in the business of chocolate, we are in the business of Peace. Now in Ukraine, we see the need for a peaceful world, and we will support all efforts to bring peace back to this country in turmoil.
Peace by Chocolate created so individuals can donate directly to the Canadian Red Cross. We are asking businesses and corporations to offer financial support and consider matching donations where possible to double fundraising efforts. If our company can support any of these efforts we are eager to do so.
Take a moment, in your own way, to think about and send warmth to the people of Ukraine. No one chooses to leave home, lose everything and become a refugee. It is not a choice or a life goal.