Peace by Chocolate Movie
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Peace by Chocolate Movie

Peace by Chocolate Movie

Peace by Chocolate (The Film) is based on our story, filmed Canada in January, 2020. The movie has incredible Syrian and Canadian actors are on the cast list.

Here is the list of actors that are portraying our family members:
Hatem Ali as Isameddin Hadhad
Yara Sabri as Shahnaz Hadhad
Najlaa Khamri as Alaa Hadhad
& Ayham Abou Ammar as Tareq Hadhad.
Our family meets the actors
There's nothing more honouring than telling our story and the story of our town's of Antigonish, and documenting it to generations to come for decades and decades. Life is about how much of a footprint we can leave on earth before we leave. 
Photos by the team at Peace by Chocolate - The Film
(Eric Davis as seen in our movie, Jim MacDonald - Local Business Manager Sobeys)
Thanks to the amazing movie maker Jonathan Keijser and the team for believing in positive story telling at the time of negativity and pessimism.
After so much loss, so much adversity, we can't wait to tell the story of the Hadhads to the whole world. We hope that it will be in film festivals and on screen after the release very soon.
More info to come

Main profile for the movie is found on IMDB
Official Film Website: