Officially Proudly Canadian! – Peace by Chocolate
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Canada Hadhad Citizen

Officially Proudly Canadian!

All the Hadhads of Peace by Chocolate are now OFFICIALLY proudly Canadians! 
This means that now all the Hadhad family members have been sworn in as Canadian citizens including Isameddin, Shahnaz, Alaa, Tareq, Batoul, Ahmad, Taghrid, Omar, and Sana.
Since immigrating to Canada in 2016 our family has worked every day to build our dream of spreading peace through our chocolate and we are honoured to be part of this wonderful country, members of a supportive community, and now, fellow CanadiansThis is a nation of peace, respect, fairness, inclusion, democracy, diversity, compassion, kindness, politeness and empathy. Being nice is what makes Canadians unique, being free and diverse is what makes us strong!