ALL NEW Orders shipping the 1st week of January 2022 – Peace by Chocolate
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ALL NEW Orders shipping the 1st week of January 2022

ALL NEW Orders shipping the 1st week of January 2022


We have concluded our chocolate making and shipping for the holiday season. All orders from before Dec. 20th are on route or are in final production for shipping shortly. No more orders will be processed in 2021.





Please be advised that due to increased demand and supply chain issues our orders are currently taking about 2 weeks to ship, BUT, we do expect all orders to easily arrive in time for the holidays.

Potential situations:

- I ordered, got my confirmation, but haven't received a tracking number: This means your order is about to be hand crafted. Fresh chocolate is hard to beat! Once your order has been "pulled" you will receive a tracking number via email.

- I have my tracking number but it's saying the order hasn't shipped yet: Your order is now in production. Depending on the diversity of products you ordered, it can take time for everything to be prepared fresh. At this stage we're actively crafting and preparing your order for shipment.

Please know we have your order and it will be shipped in time to arrive: Between the 13th and 19th for most orders

- I've lost my peace, these shipping delays are stressing me out: We hear you! This has been a challenging season for sourcing ingredients, team members and ultimately for shipping products. We know we're not alone in this challenge and we really appreciate your patience and support. We fully expect to ship your order in time for the holidays. 

- I was planning on wrapping and sending my order to others, will I have time? This depends on a number of factors. Your best bet, in this situation, is to use the live chat function (during normal business hours) on our website so we can take a look and give you more information. We can likely update the delivery address so it goes direct (and we can add a short message too!)