$105,000 Raised For NS Forest Fires – Peace by Chocolate
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$105,000 Raised For NS Forest Fires

$105,000 Raised For NS Forest Fires

This country we all share together is overflowing with love and kindness, thank you so much for being you.
In recent weeks our home province, like much of Canada, has been set ablaze by tinder-dry forests and long hot days - displacing thousands and in Nova Scotia alone, destroying over 250 homes.
Over 250 families, were refugees from their neighbourhoods and neighbours, their routines and passions. Forced to flee and, as the smoke settles, forced to adapt to a new life of uncertainty, stress, and grief.
We know all too well what lies ahead for these families and asked you to help us help the Red Cross. Seeing others step up to help offers hope for so many who don’t have much to hope for right now.
Together with matching contributions we’ve raised over $105,000 and counting to help these families.
That’s the power of peace.
To donate on our Red Cross Portal, click here